About us

Born out of our unique vision, Night Addict is a lifestyle brand that captures cutting-edge street styles and cultures from all corners of the globe. Constantly influenced by everything we see, hear and taste, we share the restless curiosity and independent spirit of our audience: a new, global generation of modern world thinkers, doers and makers.
Whether we're getting lost among the streets of Harajuku, cruising down Melrose Ave, or strolling through our local city, our products are designed to give like-minded individuals the confidence and comfort to explore and express themselves, wherever they want to be seen and heard.
Directional and accessible, Night Addict aims to consistently offer affordable street fashion that goes beyond the norms, inspiring fans and followers all over the world through our commitment to originality and authenticity.
We believe that in a global culture everyone should have the means and the confidence to explore their own style by expressing them selves as freely and unapologetically as possible. 
In other words, we believe that style is a mindset not a label.
And we believe in embodying and empowering that mindset wherever we go.